About Alysia Durand Jeweler & Artist

I am so fortunate to have grown up on the beautiful island of Maui. Its spectacular nature influences me and my art tremendously.


Coming from a family of artists, I have always been encouraged to pursue my creativity and artistic expression. I apprenticed under many local and international jewelers. With support from my teachers family and friends I began my own business. Over time and hard work I established my niche in the jewelry trade.


I apply classic and modern techniques in hand fabrication and wax carving to create unique works of art. Sculpture is the core of my artistic passion. My art continues to evolve using diverse mediums.


Art has always been a great outlet for me. It sustains me and brings me great joy. I hope my art inspires you in your passions and all the possibilities it  brings.

Alysia Durand Jeweler, ArtistAlysia Durand: Jeweler, Sculptor, Artist