One Of A Kind Jewelry Gallery

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Alysia’s Abstract and Fabrications Jewelry Gallery has a variety of pieces. Some are abstract art-forms translated into silver and gold jewelry.  Others are more classical jewelry fabrications.  Alysia designed, sculpted, and hand finished all of these these, one of a kind pieces of fine jewelry.   What’s included in this jewelry gallery? Each piece of jewelry including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and jewelry sets are cast from high quality 14 – 18K gold, sterling silver and set with precious stones.   Highlighted links lead to the item in the shop section where you can purchase the jewelry.  
  • Abstracts
    • Wave pendant – silver set with a fire opal
    • Key to My Heart – sterling silver with bulleted and faceted teardrop garnets
    • My Heart set with ruby – sterling silver with ruby
    • Lawai’a Stylized Fish Hook Pendant in silver set with Akoya black pearl
    • Infinity rings – 18K white gold
    • Hina (Moon) earrings – sterling silver and pink pearls
    • Elegant Fan & Key charm necklace silver with green agate. peach dyed fresh water pearls, crystal beads, adventurine beads and rose quartz.
    • Shell bracelet – Pearl and Bone
  • Fabrications
    • Tahitian Pearl Bracelet – bone beads and silver bands
    • Faceted Citrine Ring – bezel set in sterling silver.
    • Free flowing 14K gold pendant with emeralds
    • Opal Ring with silver band – bezel set
    • Blue Opal in 14K yellow gold ring
    • Yellow gold pendant with faceted triangle of blue topaz
    • Black Pearl pendant – 14k gold
    • 3 Piece Stacked Ring – Sterling silver with citrine, garnet, & peridot
    • White gold ring with fire opal and green garnet and tourmaline
    • Red garnet & silver ring
    • Black pearl earrings & pendant in 14K gold
    • Garnet & citrine gold ring
    • Silver earrings with peridot
    • Glass earrings set in gold
    • Green tourmaline ring with diamonds on the side
    • Moon stone ring sterling silver
    • Moon stone ring with aqua marine
    • Disk earrings with rubies
    • Opal Ring with 14k gold Bezel and sterling silver
    • Star Ruby ring sterling silver and 14K gold.
    • 18K white gold ring with diamond
    • 14K band with diamond
    • Blue tourmaline set in sterling silver ring
    • Silver snowflake with blue topaz

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