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I am inspired by nature and its incredible creatures. All my pieces are sculpted out of wax then cast in various metals. Each one is slightly different as they are all hand finished with special antiquing.

  • Honu – Baby Green Hawaiian Sea Turtle


    In Hawaii the green sea turtle or Honu is commonly seen out in the ocean or near the coast.

    Green sea turtles are very friendly & will hang close by if you respect their space.

    I was inspired to make this baby green sea turtle after snorkeling and surfing with them many times.

    I developed a deep connection with this marvelous creature when we saved one. If you have a deep connection with turtles you'll appreciate this carefully crafted piece.

    This baby green sea turtle is a great gift for males and females. This baby Green Sea Turtle pendant is available in sterling silver.

  • Silver Hawaiian Monk Seal Ring

    Ilio-holo-i-ka-uaua Hawaiian Monk Seal Ring


    This monk seal is a heavy solid sterling silver ring with special diamond brush finishing and antiqued details.  The ring is approximately 2.5 cm in length 2 cm high and wraps around your finger.

  • Sterling SIlver Owl Pendant

    Owl Pendant


    This owl pendant is sterling silver detailed with special patinas and finishing. approximately 1 1/2 inches long by  3/4 inch wide. The owl, known in Hawaii as pueo, is commonly seen at dusk. hunting for mice, mongeese and other small animals.

  • Silver Frog Ring

    Silver Frog Ring


    Frog ring is size 7 1/4 and has special antiquing. approximately 1 inch 1/4 long and 2cm wide.Wear this frog ring facing out to bring you good luck and fortune. This frog ring is cute and fun, attracting compliments and all frog lovers should have one.

  • Silver Jackson Chameleon pendant

    Jackson Chameleon Pendant


    The Jackson chameleon is a fairly new resident in Hawaii. It was introduced here about 15 years ago and has thrived in our upcountry climate. They are very exotic and strange creatures. I have often found wounded or ill ones and tried to nurse them back to health. A lot of people try to keep them as pets. Sadly they are now even sold in our local pet shops. But these chameleons are very sensitive creatures and do much better on their own in the wild. Every once in a while I will find one passing through the yard. This unique stylized Jackson Chameleon is cast in sterling silver. This piece has special diamond brush finishing and patinas. The Jackson chameleon is 1 1/4 inch in length and 1 1/8 inch in height. The chameleon pendant is available in sterling silver.

  • Buddha Bunny Front

    Buddha Bunny


    Year of the Rabbit!

    Buddha Bunny Sterling Silver figurine.

    Rub his belly for luck.

  • Fish Ring


    Sterling silver Fish ring with special antiquing. Size 7