Tropical Plants and Flowers

Heliconia Gold Earrings
Alysia’s Tropical Plants & Flowers Gallery  is abundant with rich island flora that is inspired by her familiar surroundings on the island of Maui in Hawaii. Alysia designed, sculpted, and hand finished these one of a kind, showcase, wearable art pieces. Alysia created these enchanting gold and silver sculptures over the last thirty years drawn from every day familiarity of local Hawaiian plants and from hiking deep into the lush Maui rainforests. What’s included in this jewelry gallery? Each miniature sculpture including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and jewelry sets are cast from high quality 18K gold and sterling silver.   Highlighted links lead to the item in the shop section where you can purchase the jewelry.  
  • Tropical Plant Jewelry
    • Bamboo Pendant with moonstone
    • Bamboo earrings
    • Monstera earrings
    • “Kalo”, Taro earrings and necklace set with tigers eye stones
    • Hapu Ferns unique Hawaiian rainforest fern
    • Abstract Ferns bracelet – stylized Hawaiian fern
  • Tropical Flowers Jewelry
    • Puakenikeni earrings
    • Heliconia earrings
    • Cala Lilly earrings
    • Lawae Fern earrings
    • Lawae Fern bracelet

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Heliconia Gold Earrings
Heliconia Gold Earrings

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